• Stabilized back west corner of the building
  • Repaired/replaced roof
  • Repaired/painted first floor walls/columns
  • Installed restrooms
  • Installed ADA compliant side ramp
  • Covered east windows with beautiful art work to keep the weather out
  • Chimney removal


The E.J. Bullock Building (1891) is a landmark building located at 7012 Main Street in Readsboro.

The E.J. Bullock Building Project is moving toward our goal of restoring

this Historic Building to its original splendor and usefulness.

  • Restore/replace first floor and front fa├žade windows to replicate historic appearance
  • Install community kitchen
  • Pour concrete basement floor with radiant heat


Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment, Inc.

  • Refurbish second floor as space for small businesses or town office space
  • Refurbish third floor
  • Repair and paint exterior
  • Restore/replace remaining windows

First floor space open for large community events

  • Annual Auction
  • "Music in the Hills" Concert
  • October Haunted House
  • Available for rent for weddings, family parties and othe social functions


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           E. J. Bullock Building


The E. J. Bullock Building is a three-story structure  in the Second French Empire style of architure with a mansard roof and full basement, containing 12,000 square feet of space.   According to historic records it was home for a variety of uses that included a general store, residential apartments, meeting rooms, social and cultural community gatherings.

The E. J. Bullock Building has served for many years as a link between commerce and community.  Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment, Inc., has been working on the refurbishment of this beautiful and historic building for the past three years.  We are excited that we are able to use a portion of the building (first floor) for meetings and community functions.



Phase One 2010-2011

Phase Two 2011 - Present



Future Plans



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